Saturday, July 19, 2008

Google Texting: A New Era

So, as you may know, my mom and I are off for Europe tomorrow. (I know you are never supposed to post that personal stuff, but, whatever.) We will be visiting the following cities: London, Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Lugano, Murren, Munich, Rothenburg, Amsterdam, and Brussels. I'll try to post from an internet cafe, perhaps. (I can still get texts and emails on my phone)

In my absence I will leave you with this tidbit of very valuable information:

Google Texting
If you aren’t already google texting, you probably need to start. (Obviously you are internet savvy already, so join the mobile club). Google Text is phone number 46645 (GOOGL). Here’s what you can use this for:
Phone Numbers/Addresses/general 411. Text “Starbucks, Goleta CA” to get a list of the ones nearby.
Weather. Text “Weather, 93117”
Flight updates. Text “Flight Status: AA 134" (or something like that)
Movies: “Dark Knight, 93117” for listings
Translations: “Translate cama Spanish to English”
Definitions. Text “Definition:
Um…this is what I use it for mostly…you can also get directions…and I think a slew of other services, which you can google to figure out. Enjoy!