Thursday, October 8, 2015

Isabelle is 5 months!

Oh my little girl - you are so little and yet getting so big! Still not surpassing the 13 pound mark, I still tend to think of you as a newborn, even though you hold yourself up better and better each day. You can roll both directions and you love, love, love baths.  You are a busy girl, grabbing - quickly - whatever is nearby and you are content playing and rolling around with your toys for quite a while when you are in the right mood.  You have started going on blanket rides with your brother, which you enjoy very much.  You've also been to Disneyland this month, and you love to go for rides in the stroller.  You sleep pretty well for the most part, no complaints!  Oh and you are a great road tripper.  Good job Izzy!  (Or "Izzybelle" as John calls you.) 

John at 5 months here