Saturday, October 15, 2016

We are still alive

I thought perhaps I should note some memories here or I will never remember any of them! It's been 5 months since my last post. In that time, I've taken the kids to Colorado (John still talks about Auntie Susie and the airplane rides), Izzy learned to walk and completely keep up with her big brother, we went to Lake Tahoe which the kids LOVED (can I say, so much more relaxing than the beach since there are no waves!) John turned 3 and picked a Cookie Monster cake from the grocery store for his family party. 

John is potty trained but still thankfully not too old to be still taking a nap. He loves letters and numbers and shows about words and reading. He loves reading books and his bible story at night. He loves to help in the kitchen. For a year his favorite breakfast has been waffles (whole wheat, don't dare buy "yellow" waffles) but lately has been in an oatmeal kick...the waffles may be on the way out! He is a good Duplo builder and has recently learned to ride his trike. He still loves puzzles and is up to 24 pieces with little help. 
Isabelle is nearly 18 months and so different in so many ways than I could imagine. She is so verbal. She will repeat anything you say and speaks far more than John did at this age. Except "yes." She says "mm-hm" which sounds like "nun-uh" so you really have to listen closely when she really does want something. She also loves helping in the kitchen, puzzles, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  She is adventurous and brave, tackling the likes of bounce houses and jumping off furniture like we've never known in this house. She is a great post-nap snuggler and quick to offer affection. She also loves reading. And playing Doctor.
The two kids together are their own little force. With the right energy levels they just feed off of copying each other which leads to great hysterics. They often have picnics together, play Lego city together (John builds the houses, Izzy builds the cars) or they cook pretend food, whatever...they get along for the most part really well. 
I hope this is enough of a memory to remind me of These two at this age for years to come when reviewing this blog. I love these two!!!