Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Month's Menu

My awesome friend Emily posted her menu for the week recently. I've been meaning to do the same because some of these recipes are AWESOME and I would love to share them! I don't have pretty pictures this time, because I don't know know how to give proper credit to the source, so I'll just list menu items and links here.  I should note, I only plan 3 meals per week and I don't always plan them when I'm going on a business trip. But, here is what we have going on in February:

Baked Pasta and Broccoli with *chicken* and Cauliflower Cream Sauce.  Notes: Not for the faint of heart. Took a good 45 minutes to prepare. But..4 adults devoured the entire bowl (almost).  Added: Red Peppers, small whole mushrooms (sauteed.)

Italian Potato Sausage Soup  -- Tasty! We used a mild sausage and the soup still had tons of flavor. I would half the recipe for just us next time...this recipe makes a ton.

Buttermilk Roast Chicken - This recipe is DIVINE and SO EASY. As in, the 2 hardest parts are remembering to buy buttermilk and throwing it together the night before for at least 24 hours of soaking.  I love chicken, especially dark meat, and this was a huge favorite.

Not as many recipes for what else is on the menu:
Salmon (Pesto style or parchment paper)
Tomato Soup
Fajitas (I made them with taco seasoning...not my favorite fajita ever)
Mini Pizzas

We don't always eat exactly what we plan, but I at least know that I have some menu options.  Any ideas for new recipes?