Thursday, December 3, 2015

Isabelle is 7 months!

Uh oh, getting behind in the blogging!!

Our dear Isabelle Jean is 7 months now. Sitting up like a champ, fairly mobile (although not crawling) and VERY vocal about getting what she wants. Especially if that something is her getting picked up! She is pretty easy going as long as she isn't tired, and loves crackers and yogurt. She also loves her feet. I keep socks on her 99% of the time because she scratches herself with her toenails, but for that 1% of the time she can get to her feet, she chews them, plays with a very happy girl. She wears 6m clothing although will be wearing 9month pajamas soon - my tall girl! No teeth (or signs of teeth) which I prefer at this time. :) She loves to watch her brother and pull his hair, and share in whatever game he is playing. She is especially adept at knocking over any block tower he might build too near to her. Happy 7 mo, Izzy!