Sunday, July 5, 2015

2 months worth of pictures (not really)

Time is flying by around here!  I realize if I don't blog about what is going on, I'll never remember it. Even with baby calendars.  I reread John's early months and realize tons of things I've forgotten. So maybe I can catch myself (and you) up on things.

1) Bubble guns are super cool. I don't know why we didn't really do the bubble scene much, but we got some and John thought they were amazing.  Now he really doesn't care and just pours the bubbles from one container to the next. But look at the joy on this face!  Note: It was an extremely cool June gloom week, full of low temps and rain...hence, long sleeves. Crazy So Cal weather.  Izzy chilled on the back porch in her chair and then took a nap. I guess bubbles aren't her thing.

2. On Memorial Day, we went to a you-pick blueberry farm with Zach's parents who were visiting. Isabelle did wonderfully, nursing than napping in a carrier.  (Perfect age to to on outings with her!) John "picked" berries from all of our baskets and in general ruined his appetite for lunch.  We all had a blast though!

3. Sibling Love...only if someone is there to take a picture.

4. 1 Month picture and a photobomb by big brother.

5. 2 month picture and a phototomb by big brother. (are you sensing a pattern here?)

At least he is loving about it!

6. We've had an amazingly fun long weekend. First we went to the beach (not pictured) and then for the 4th we went to a local high school with a bunch of church families.  John made several attempts to hula hoop and the video demonstrates his success.

Isabelle is doing really well, more alert and very smiley.  She still has lots of hair and is generally all around adorable.  John is talking more and more every day, even a few sentences.  My favorite though is when he is excited and says, "Alright, blocks!" (or whatever he wanted.)