Friday, February 25, 2011

What to eat?

I thought I would post some of our go-to recipes and February meal plan on here, in case anyone needs ideas. I planned for a whopping 8 meals in February, yep that's right - 8. I aim for 2 a week, which leaves room for leftovers, a couple dates, and other various cravings.

This week we had Pesto Salmon. This has to be closely coordinated with a Costco trip, but now we have an extra fillet in the freezer. With mashed potatoes. We made 3x the mashed potatoes (that was Tuesday) so that last night we could put them on top of our Shepherds Pie. Worked out perfectly. I actually cooked the rest of the filling (meat, tons of mushrooms, plus olives, roasted peppers, garlic, corn, other veggies, and about a 1/2c of chicken stock) earlier that day and then we just warmed up the meal when we were ready.

We also have the fixings for Steak Quesadillas coming up soon, and we already had Eggs and Noodles [West Coast Style], lasagna (although frozen at a party, not the recipe I wanted to use)...

I didn't quite get to my 8 planned meals this month (so far). Also remaining is: burgers and sweet potato fries, asian chicken salad, and slow cooker pot roast.

But not tonight, because we are going out to dinner for a late Valentine's day date!!!!!!!!!!!!