Saturday, September 1, 2012

More giant life updates

My last post was about July...I was also in an awesome wedding (no pictures, for some reason I never take pictures when I'm in the bridal party) and I also got to meet up with my friend Emily and her family and finally meet her 2 girls! I DO have pictures from that, but I just uploaded a bunch of house things and apparently missed those ones and I'm not going to go through it again so you'll have to check here: click   Summary: Amazing visit, and Emily's youngest daughter (who ended up being a close pal by the end of the day!) nearly choked on her cookie and got the heimlich mid-meal, which terrified me...but she swallowed cherry pits with ease.  Visits with Emily are always amazing. I'm so thankful she is in my life, even if the last time I saw her was 2 kids ago!

Since July, we've been a tad busy -- moving and all!  We said farewell to our Sunnyvale friends with a Matador-themed farewell party (The Matador's are Zach's school's mascot).  Then we vacated our house, putting all of our belongings into a POD, headed down to So Cal, shopped for a rental for a while, got keys last week, and finished moving in our stuff (with help) today. And now onto far more interesting pictures.

A few party hosts - my "cooking club" complete with the Matador costumes

Our POD, loaded to the gills (we put a few more things in after this)

Mongolian BBQ Birthday Dinner - last hurrah in SJ

First glimpse our new house! (See the "Z" in front? It was a sign  that this is our house!)

Had to rudely vacate a few squatters near the garage.  We have an orange tree (yessss!!!) but apparently they lure these buggers, so...we have 2 cans of yellow jacket spray now.

Living Room: Day 1. Fridge acquired from garage sale.

Pharmacy/Soda Shoppe Sundae nearby our house.

Today's update: Living room has been transformed!

Fast friends taking a lunch break

The working crew! (That one with the pacifier didn't really help though, he just looked cute!)

Dining area...ex-desk used as current table. Why? See next picture:

Our only moving casualty: Our dining table. Very sad about this, but handmen Z and T have grand plans  (having removed the 2 broken pillar/legs) to replace with 4x4 legs. Someday we will have this table again!

How the deliver the POD - they drive the truck on the driveway, lift it up a couple inches, use a portable dolly to hold the pod, move the truck, then lower the pod, then re-attach the dolly back to the truck. Very cool.