Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am so behind!!!!

Ack. So behind on pictures.  So this post will be mostly pictures and I can go back to boring drudgery next time.  I will say, however, that Baby Things in the household have greatly improved. Although I feel like every day is a complicated struggle to figure out when to wake, sleep, eat, how long a nap should be, why is my baby still spitting up...when I read back a post or two and remind myself where we were in November...we are in a better place now.  John naps in his bed and as of Friday has a very early bedtime. (And early wakeup time, ugh.) Anyhow.  I have far too much sleep training information on the brain that no one needs to read. Onto pictures.

Christmas with Mommy and Daddy: Playing with paper

He opened one gift, a moose. (This was a shower gift he hadn't played with yet. Parent shaming.)

T-shirt says, "Mom's Favorite Gift"

Christmas Travel - think he is outgrowing the travel bed?

No really...outgrowing the bed, seriously!

Home from travels and helping Mom and Dad clean out the car.

Refusing to nap. Took his pants off himself! 

Boy in a box! Perfect solution to enable him to sit up after eating so I can make my breakfast. (3 weeks later, he has outgrown box :( )

Putting together John's crib - John gets a ride on Daddy's back in a flagrant misuse of the Baby Bjorn carrier. He survived.

First night in sure what to think.

Pretty sure he isn't going to nap in this crib thing. (This is taken through the crack in the door. Zoom in if you can. I love the look on his face.)

Table Training: John sits at the table with us during dinner (This is day 2; day 1 lasted only 2 minutes)

He gets an apple slice in this food feeder meshy thing. He is at dinner, after all!

Favorite picture currently (ok, top 5). This was taken via iPad as John was watching himself in the front facing camera (aka mirror.) I guess he cracks himself up.

Thrift store had a sock monkey outfit...couldn't resist!