Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do you buy a lot of stuff online? Get cash back.

*Sales Pitch*

I wanted to share these 2 links with you in case you are interested.  These are my "referral" links so if you happen to use these (versus signing up on the websites) then I get a small kickback. But, no sense in pimping out your email address (that is totally what I call it) if it isn't stuff (purchases) you really need. 

#1 Ebates --  I check ebates before I make any online purchase. (except amazon and costco.) If you start on their website, and type in the store you know you are going to go make a purchase at (if its on their list) they'll show you a few specials they might have and a % Cash Back value. You click on the store and you get a little message that they are opening a ticket for you. Then whatever you spend at that other store, you get the % cash back (i don't think shipping counts) in a quarterly check. Only once when I forgot my password to snapfish did I not get my credit, at which point I just checked with ebates, found the ticket that should have linked to the purchase (i.e. you MUST "start" on ebates then go to the store from the ebates link aka "ticket") and emailed them my invoice and had my credit the next day.  Sometimes Snapfish is 20% cash back and even 40% cash back and I have gotten 50% cash back at for gift subscriptions!  I also use it for just like, (vitamins and health), staples, etc. Below is my referral link. If you join ebates through that link, then after YOUR first qualifying purchase of I think $25 (or multiple purchases combined to $25) both YOU and I get a $5 gift card. (It used to be $10 for you, the new member, but right now it is $5)  (Update: looks like no sign-up bonus right now, but still a good deal for a nominal cash back on purchases! Update again: the referral link still says you qualify for a bonus when you sign up AND make a qualifying bonus is a $10 Target gift card!!!!!)

#2 Vitacost.  Simple website for discounts and deals on vitamins and other health stuff. I got the lemon and lavender oils for Beth's shower scrubs from this site and they have a lot of prenatal vitamins and all other stuff.  With my referral link, if you sign up you get a $10 coupon off $10 purchase in your email almost immediately. (I'm pretty sure this can go towards shipping even...just keep in mind if you go through ebates first and pay only with the coupon you aren't spending "cash" so you won't get cash back on that particular purchase.)  I think I also get a $10 coupon as well! Crazy right? Ok anyhow, here is my link.

I will say that ebates spam-mails me about 2 times a week and Vitacost about twice that often.  But both of these sites (especially ebates) have put otherwise pricey gifts into a super-reasonable window. (Especially photobooks at snapfish and! is 6% for wedding gifts, tons, literally tons of possibilities!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

M&M Button Cookies

((source idea:

On Saturday I helped host a bridal shower for a friend. It was SO fun to plan the details, I've been working on these ideas for literally weeks and loving it! I was in charge of the desserts and the favors (which ended up being an in-shower craft.)  I will blog more about these when I get better pictures from someone else, but I couldn't resist at least one post.

These bite size delights are super addicting.  I was able to snag some purple M&M's after Valentine's day, which were perfect for the color theme of the shower!

Basically you melt a Hershey Hug on a square pretzel in the oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes. After the chocolates get melty enough, pull them out and push on the M&M. I was careful to put the "M" logo on the down-side so we didn't see them with the cookies.  They set much faster if you put the cookie sheet in the fridge for a bit after it cools.

I also tried this with some Andes Mint Kisses and while those kisses did have intense minty flavor, they were not as good as the white chocolatey mix that was part of these cookies.

Can I plan a zebra-themed event for the sole purpose of making more of these?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Meal Plans

I don't think you have to be a pinterest member to follow this link. I posted my main meals for March that I'm planning to be cooking...if we make it to the store to get everything!  The next couple weeks are going to be busy here but I think we can make do for a while!

I do have some other ideas but either I could't find a version of the recipe online or I am too lazy to share the recipe I have.