Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turning over a new leaf, literally

Here is my second ever major attempt at gardening. The first attempt didn't end well...I think I blogged about the sorry over-the-fence basket of dead basil...but due to its lack of interest and my embarrassment, that post has been long deleted.  (Oh, you didn't know I censor old posts? All the time.)

So, I have been tempted for a while now by beautiful succulents and their itty bitty garden space.  Throw in a recent blog post from a favorite blog of mine, Kristin Eldridge, (I've also made her granola bars YUM) and I was inspired. That and finding 6 triangular candle holders for under $3 that I *thought* would be perfect for succulents. (You know, since reading a post or two made me such an expert.)

The next day, I found myself at OSH, the store that I continue to go back to despite the fact that they NEVER have everything I want...I'm not sure why. I need to work on that. Anyhow, 10 succulents later, and rocks, and seriously overpriced moss, I was on my way out the door. Mind you, not that I re-read the original blog post or anything reminding me about anything...

So I planted my succulents. It was a so-so job.  I didn't buy any extra dirt so they were still in the exact mold of that cheap plastic cup...not really doing it for me.  So after another trip to OSH (and another experience of them not having everything I wanted...seriously...a saucer for a 4" clay pot...really??) I finally had it all together. Here is the final result!
One of the things I like about the triangular holders is that I can rearrange them (i.e. remove one when I kill one of these plants)
 Aaaand, a cute little circle.
I also planted some in small vase for my Grandma on Sunday...ssshhhh its a surprise!
 Last but not least, I got this orchid at a wedding I was recently in. Its been...11 days and I haven't killed the orchid. Shocking, I know. Its even blooming more! Does anyone know how to take care of these? I think this is the variety that is supposed to be in a hanging basket, but I really have no idea.  (Anyone local want an orchid??!!)