Monday, December 7, 2009

Important Question: Can you spot the vacuum cleaner in this picture?

The other day it was time to vacuum my room since the dog has decided that he can lay on the floor and shed in here anytime he wants. (Oh, and, because I have long hair and I shed too. I guess it could be partially my fault.)

Ok so cue the fun story: I go to the laundry room to get our big GREEN/BLACK vacuum. Ladies and Gents, this is not a large laundry room by any means. Washer, dryer, rug, vacuum, mop, trash can...thats about it. So I look and I look and I LOOK and I look in the living room and I consider texting my roomies to ask about it but I can't find the big GREEN/BLACK vacuum. Grudgingly, I resort to using our old yellow one. I even have to move some things to pry the old yellor vacuum out of its spot wedged between the washer and the wall.
When I went to put it back, I noticed something in the laundry room. Something big and GREEN/BLACK. Can you see it??


jess said...

bwah ha ha. Where are you?

jessica said...

That is pretty special. Wow. My mom claims I have this talent too, but this is a particularly good one. Was there anything on top of the vaccume?