Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ok, so, confession! One reason for limited blogging time is that I have been busy PLANNING MY WEDDING TO ZACHARY DAVENPORT!!!

Zach proposed on August 7th (and 14th!). Long story. :) We are getting married on 12/18/2010 - with a 4 month engagement we have our planning work cut out for us!!

Here are some pictures and highlight moments...I am likely to post a little more on fb.

1) Picture at Myrtle Beach, SC - site of the first proposal (and a temporary ring!)!!! We were at his family reunion and it was really neat to be able to celebrate with his family there - since they live in Rhode Island (mostly) it would have otherwise been very tough (or expensive) to have that experience with them. Anyone who is willing to propose to someone who has seaweed in her hair and is sweating from the humidity is DEFINITELY in love.

2) Zach, on the morning of 8/14: He brought over my favorite breakfast! MMM - a starbucks and a whole wheat sesame bagel, toasted, with butter. With my breakfast, I got a note - with a piece of a a blown up photo of us - with clues about the next step in our adventure - a nearby park where we sometimes walk and hang out

3) On the way to the park we realized it was city wide garage sale day and I BEGGED Zach to let me (go back to the house for money) to get these lanterns, for $1 each. So excited about their potential.

(walking to the park, thank you tripod)
4) From the park I got another note with a clue to figure out - we went bowling!

5) Then the beach!
6) Then a walk in Santana Row, then Sushi for dinner! We had what our friends have nicknamed "The Marriage Roll" (yellowtail on a california roll) and a new roll, the Tommy Roll (fish on a spider roll). Both were deemed excellent.

7) With all 6 of my photo pieces now gathered from various notes, I had to assemble them to create the picture and then decode a secret message telling me where the last stop of the day would be...turns out, it was Las Palmas Park, right near Zach's house, where we used to play Ultimate Frisbee and often go for walks. There, he led me to one of the spots we first picnic'ed at, said a bunch of super nice things about loving me and protecting me and promising to take care of me and that I am perfect for him and then I got THIS (which is impossible to photograph, but I'll work on it):
I am super stoked!!! I love this man!!! Dating, in general, has been very scary for me (committment issues) but he has been a ROCK of patience and love through the entire journey. We truly believe God has designed us to complete each other, we desire to reflect God's character to each other, and are willing to further God's kingdom together! (Those were the 3 purposes of marriage we discussed in some recent pre-engagement counseling, which was cool to do.) I am daily blown away by how deeply and honestly Zach loves me and strives to serve me. Such a great example to me of commitment. I am so grateful!
At the end of all of this, my birthday party (which was that night - 30 minutes after the proposal!) was upgraded (to the surprise of our friends) to an engagement party as well!!! It was great seeing a bunch of our friends (including several sets of 2010 newlyweds who have promised to share lots of planning information), our church 20's group pastor, the couple we have had counseling with, a surprise visit from my bff Sarah who shocked me by flying up from a family party in San Diego to come to my party instead!! It was a long but great day!


jess said...

LIKE!!!! That picture in the bowling alley is classic- SO CUTE!!!!

Sorry I couldn't be a bigger part of things but I'm super happy for you both!

Katie Lady said...

WOOOO HOOOO! We are thrilled for you and praying for you both DAILY that this stage will only further confirm your love for each planning a wedding in four months can be stressful! (Especially around a major holiday--been there, done that!) We are so excited to welcome Mr. Zack into the family and look forward to seeing more of you in LA!

Paige said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news!!!!

Emily said...

I have goosebumps and tears. You are so blessed my friend, I couldn't be happier for you! Love love love to you both!

jessica said...

Best blog ever!!! know :)

Pam said...

I'm crying. That was so fun and hear again. God bless you both.

(and I am so glad you did some pre-marital counseling)

Auntie Pam