Monday, April 2, 2012

Beth's Bridal Shower pics

I promised some more pictures from a shower I helped throw last week and I finally got them! I was in charge of favors (which ended up being an in-shower craft) and desserts.
Here is a picture of the towel cake we made for Beth. (I think I already posted about this.) The theme of the shower was Paris/Purple/Butterflies and the gal in charge of decorations did AMAZING! I don't know where she found everything but it looked amazing.

 Here are the beginnings of the sugar scrub craft...
 Here are the spoons that we tied to the top (yes, the old ice cream cup kind!) embellished with lemon slices (for honey-lemon scented), lavender (lavender and lavender-thyme) and just some button ones because I thought they were cute.
 I wrote up some instructions (which are long since in the garbage, so hopefully I don't need to do this again!)
 And, because I can't sort pictures well when I blog, here is dessert #1: Chocolate mousse heart cups.  Delish.  The mousse is made with cook and serve chocolate fudge pudding (made with whole chocolate milk and using about 1/3 less milk than the recipe) plus equal parts heavy whipped cream. Put into chocolate heart cups (never going to make those least not 100ish of them)
 And we also had lemon flavored...delish!!!
 The other dessert was brownie pizza. This represents 4 cut up after the photography session. 
 Both of these ideas were mostly inspired by pinterest, of course.
Oh, and here is the final product, someone's hand scrub:

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Christy said...

Love all your scrub ideas. I did that for a Paris shower last month and it was a HUGE hit, and so much nicer to send home than the desserts! Hope the tots work out for you!