Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012: 2 Year Anniversary

Last month Zach and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We rented this quaint cabin in the Grapevine mountains, about an hour and a half away.
 While we were there, we also celebrated our own family Christmas.  I love our stockings, but I think next year we will have homemade ones! (They are both already made by my grandma, I just can't find mine.)
 We hiked both days we were there. The first hike was the day after it snowed, but there were still many areas that were untouched by people (in fact, we might have been hiking on private property...well the map was kind of unclear...)
 This crazy tree had a 90 degree bend it in across the river.
 Here is the view on our last day from our cabin door.  It snowed again, and the fog is barely coming off the mountain.

 I opted to hike in my ski pants this time to stay dry.
 The snow was so beautiful!!!
 Its crazy to me how bushes can withstand the weight of so much snow without dying.
 Close-up of this awesome red bush.
Uh Oh...wish I put my hand by this print - we *think* it was a dog, but I was ready to be done after I saw this!
 More pretty views
 The "Valley" as well...
 I asked Zach to pose under this tree for a photo. I proceeded to throw sticks at the tree while trying to get a photograph of the snow falling on him. It took close to a dozen tries. He was very patient with me. :)
 See all that snow on his head now? Yeah, he had to shake the tree himself for the picture.
This of course created a bit of a snow war and as we walked along through the trees we both had long sticks to whack various brances and got covered with a lot of snow. It was SO FUN to just play and laugh!  I truly treasure moments like these with Zach!

For 2013, I'm going to switch to a private blog...or actually, no blog at all.  I mean, I will keep this for crafts and food - but anythig personal will be mainly on instagram (cmdaven) and some on facebook. I just don't feel like a public blog is a safe place for announcements like, "We're going away to a cabin for our anniversary!" etc with all the crazy stalkers out there.  Anyhow, that is just how I feel about it all right now. I'd like a private blog but those are so hard to check for other people - since I haven't figured out how to get the updates to a blog reader, etc. If you know a trick, let me know!


Emily said...

only you would make ski pants look hot! Happy Anniversary you two!

Katie Lady said...

That looks like me kind of anniversary celebration! Two days of hiking in the snow with NO other people around. I'm glad you and Zach can enjoy being silly and laughing together--it will take you a long way when you are parents!!