Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Projects Lately

Well, my weekend included successfully packing up the Christmas Decor.  Finally.  I also half-heartedly decorated our mantle with a bunch of frames I didn't feel like hanging up on the wall (we had a long picture wall at our old house, but this house has a darker hallway and I haven't been as interested in recreating it.)  It does make the living room feel a little more homey, though. Except for the giant empty corner now, treeless and dull.

In other news, I practiced some  Ninjago skills lately, you know, copying whatever I could find on Pinterest for a special boy's 9th!!! birthday party.  The first were Ninjago suckers, just glued some tissue paper on and then some internet-printed eyes. 
 The next were a couple t-shirts. I used iron-on applique's like I did for the onesies and blindly tried to iron the eyes onto the center of the shirt, evenly. I think that is the toughest part for me about decorating clothes / iron-ons.  Being paranoid about it being even.  Oh well. :(

Also, I completed my first and last "big" sewing project, a quilted blanket for my sister for Christmas.  I bought the quilt squares pre-cut and pre-coordinated (a big must for me) then sewed them together, sewed on the brown outside...soft blankie material on the back and a #(*%%# satin blanket trim. Like I said...nothing that big again, ever.  That quilt better last, like, 20 years for my sister. Just sayin',

Have you been up to making anything lately???


Emily said...

Those all look awesome! DId you quilt the blanket yourself or have someone else do it? I love piecing quilts together, but I hate the actual quilting part.

Christy said...

Hey Em, I did the "knotting" method. Since the backside was furry rosette fabric (literally twists...i should have gotten a picture) I wasn't sure how quilting it would turn out. So every couple squares I painstakingly knotted all the layers together and blended the ends into the rosette fabric.