Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quiet Books, Post 2!

The quiet books are coming along nicely.  This has been a really fun project. More than I set out to do, but still fun.  I already have a lot of ideas for add-on pages for John's book, but I know I need to finish my own contributing pages first! (I have about 12 more at varying degrees of completeness.)

L: Mirror with flap, and a vinyl window for a picture with a flap. R: Xylophone for imaginary music play.

L: Beads on a String for counting, R: ribbon lion

L: Peek-a-boo animals. R: Baseball glove (insert hand)

L: Learn to tell time. R: Under the Sea (sliding fish)

L: Apple Picking  R: Sensory Octopus.

I have to hand it to these moms.  For many of them, this was way out of their crafting comfort zone, and I am so proud of them for knocking these out of the ballpark!!! And all of the moms either had a second kid this year, their first kid last year, or are currently pregnant.  So we are all pretty tired!!!  Hopefully these will afford us a nap. :)  I can't wait to get John's put together and see what he thinks.  So far when I just show him one page, he plays with it for 10 seconds then tries to fold it or eat it.  In true book form, I hope it will be a little easier to interact with.

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Emily said...

These look amazing!