Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Before I forget!!

Updated to add a couple more pictures and 2 videos to the end!

So, it turns out, the ONLY baby milestones I can now recall are those I reread on the blog. What signs did John know around 1? How long did it take him to get used to milk? When did he get molars? All. Gone. From. Brain. Except I happened to scroll backwards a bit and got a nice reminder. SO, before baby #2 wipes away my remaining brain cells, I better get a little more documentation out here!!

First of all, projects. My goal is to put my sewing machine away before baby arrives. That means finishing a SLEW of projects first. And that means if we have a girl, trucking it out again afterwards with new fabrics for headbands.  Unlikely. But, I've got burp cloths, teethers, key rings, paci clips (maybe) all in the works.  And lots of people to gift them all to!  And other things I want to make like marble mazes, tons of stuff. Maternity leave cannot come soon enough (May 4th).  Sewing machine lives in the dining area, though, so it will be nice to clear that area when we have the craziness of newborn going on in our house. In fact, that will probably be the baby station since the floor is no longer safe but full of books, strewn toys, jumping toddlers, etc.

Second of all, HUGE BABY. They told me baby was 5 lbs 14 oz a week ago. I can only hope and pray the ultrasound estimation is wrong. John was born at 6-11 and with 4 more weeks to go that puts this baby over 8lbs likely. OUCHIE.  Other than that, everything looks superb. No heart problems, no growth issues, proper amounts of fluids everywhere. Praise God!

John. 18 month sleep regression. *Moan.* Adorable except for the fits of not sleeping.  Frequently signs for "more" when we are tickle playing, playing hide and seek - anything that sends him into fits of laughter - more, more more.  He still prefers to sign over speak but does say quite a few things.  Loves to color lately, although got pretty upset when his last "whole" crayon (the yellow one) finally broke - had a LONG conversation with me at dinner discussing trying to put it back together. Despite all the other crayons (jumbo sized) being already in 2-3 pieces.  We have new crayons in reserve for when (big) baby comes, along with a new coloring book. Hopefully he'll like Veggie Tales!  Right now his favorite is Sesame Street and he loves to look for Oscar's coloring pages.  Oscar = "O-tee"...don't ask why.   Still into his books, although slightly less -- probably means I need to rotate them or hide some toys.  I've been too tired to parent extremely closely lately, so maybe I just haven't noticed.  We've finally got all 4 molars and canines at least partially showing, so hopefully we have a teething break for a LITTLE WHILE.  I busted out some chalk for the backyard and he's been enjoying that immensely (Can we say Target clearance + Cartwheel deal for 61c chalk?! woo hoo!)

Zach. Working on an independent film most of the next month. Including my due date. And most dates around my due date.  Yikes.  I think 5/10/15 is an easy date to remember for a birthday, which he conveniently has off. That sounds good, right? Now to alert the baby of my superior plans.

Household: Would be suffering, if not for all Zach does. I seriously lucked out.  This week I finally got back on the meal planning bandwagon, although I forgot to defrost and marinate our chicken 2 nights in a row so tonight was (uber delicious) breakfast burritos. I could eat those every day. John didn't have any complaints either, which was nice.  Once I'm on maternity leave, I'll be able to cook and freeze some stuff for post-baby.  What easy meals are other people eating these days? My favorite go-to lazy chicken is to throw chicken in the crockpot and cover it with salsa, cook on high 4 hours. Makes perfect shredded chicken for tacos, enchiladas, etc.

Exercise: We joined the local YMCA. They have free childcare. :)  And a pool! It is SO nice to get back into the water, even though its an indoor pool.  I am stoked to be getting back into some shape before having this baby. And excited to take John to open swim this weekend, hopefully!!  And when I'm on leave, I can take him to a couple toddler classes they have for baby signs and music.

Wow...I have really not uploaded pictures to Picasa lately. Oopsies. Here are a couple. John preferred his soccer ball to any egg hunting on Easter. Here is celebrating his "touchdown."

And this was...I dunno...around 34 weeks? Seemed bigger than the 35ish one I could find of me with John.  Somehow I can't find most of my last pregnancy pictures for a good comparison.

Ok, well, I think thats all I can bore people with for now.  Thanks for reading the whole thing! Ha!

Addition: John reading the "Doggies" book, and dancing, and a couple more pics.

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