Sunday, August 23, 2015


I've been drafting this in my mind for a couple weeks, yay, our boy John is finally 2!!!  Crazy, I tell you!  I wanted to document what he is like at this age so I can read back and remember later...the last 6 months have been an incredibly fun age.  The last 2 months or so have been a verbal explosion and his constant (and I do mean constant) chatter is far more recognizable.

Favorite mispronunciations currently: Nilk (Milk), Mamy (Amy), SooSoo (Swimsuit and also swimming) um...I have more so I'll come back and edit this part later.
Favorite Toys: anything food/kitchen, most things that play music, pianos, and increasing interest in both cars and blocks, especially blocks made to be ramps for cars.
Obsessions that have come and gone: Plush toys. From November-May, it was plush everything, his "Friends" as I'm sure many (devoted) readers saw on IG and FB.  Lately? Doesn't touch them except the 2 he sleeps with.  Also, he's currently less interested in books, but I think I need to hide the ones he is bored of and get out new ones so they are all fresh again.
Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Yogurt, cheese, yogurt, milk, yogurt, and noodles. And crackers. And yogurt. And smoothies. Meat we have to force him to eat, usually fresh veggies also (although he still gets a lot of those via pouches.)
Favorite activities: playing outside, going to the park, taking a bath, making a lot of noise.
Sleep: Decent to good, finally after the last month being a big sleep regression with tons of crying at bedtime and skipping daytime naps.
2nd Birthday: Non-eventful.  We barely squeaked out birthday muffins, hats, and party favors at Zach's insistence (for which I am grateful!) He LOVED getting "Happy Birthday" sung to him all day long. We do have a party coming up for him with his church pals next weekend, so I am doing *something.*
Weight: 24lbs-ish. Height: Not sure, checkup on Friday to find out.

In case you missed them - here's a little summary of John so far.


anna said...

TWOOOO! Ok so that third pic from the bottom of Izzy and John together they look a like in some ways to me. But as a baby? I feel like they don't look alike at all!? What are your thoughts on this matter?!? Ha! Anyways! Happy birthday John. And Jack loves ramps for his cars also. :)

jess said...

I can't believe they're two! *happyface* *sadface* K is starting to say things we actually understand too. I can't wait until they can have actual conversations. Oh the cuteness!!!!

Andrew B. last weekend: Your little boy looks just like John. I mean it's uncanny, they look so alike!!

Me: Um, yeah I guess they do kinda. They are cousins.

Andrew: But they're like twins or something.

Me: ... When was the last time you saw John?

Ensuing conversation, with Sarah weighing in, reveals that we were all at Zach's graduation party in the spring.

Andrew: Oh wait, so you guys were there??

Me: Yep.

A: Oh. Ah. So maybe it was actually your son I was thinking of. He looks a lot like... himself.