Sunday, November 15, 2015

Isabelle at 6 months!

I'm going to have to add pictures in here later, I got a new phone and they're not available right now.

Isabelle Jean at 6 months - gosh we just adore this girl! She is nothing like her brother, who we are also quite fond of,  and I love their differences.  At her 6 m checkup she was just barely over 13lbs (2lbs smaller than her brother at that age) and 26 inches (1 inch longer than him!).

She still loves baths, her bouncer, and now also loves eating. If you don't feed her fast enough, she grunts and grunts for more.  She is a decent sleeper, 3 naps a day, and nighttime is...managable. She can sit up on her own, hold herself in a stand (if I help her get there), and likes to play John's piano and other musical toys.

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