Thursday, February 25, 2016

John is 2.5!!!

When you are still too young to be in school, I think the half-year marks still bear some significance. At least John as a 2.5 year old is very different than 2, and very different than the 20 month old I see holding newborn Isabelle in pictures. (Really? Did that happen 10 months ago?)

John continues to be a happy bundle of energy.  His favorite activites are doing puzzles (he can do pretty advanced ones without help...if 9 pcs is advanced?), coloring (sometimes), reading, watching TV (this is always a favorite), playing outside, going on walks/park/store, building blocks, playing with his food.  His imagination has totally exploded. I'll listen to him with his 2 giraffes, "Hi Mr. Giraffe. You want to go to the park?" "Yes I do! Let's go down the slide!" and on and on. Not to mention talking to imaginary people in the house, eating and playing with imaginary is fun to watch.  Another favorite, random game -- he says, "You be Ernie and I'l be Bert." And then you both have to laugh like those two characters. (Or any other Sesame Street character he chooses.) Zach can do a great Bert laugh but I always hope to get assigned Ernie. Does anyone even know how Big Bird laughs? I always butcher that one.

Verbally, John seems to have great skills for his age. Just recently he's started saying milk, yogurt, music, and moon all correctly. (Still drinks Nilk all day long though.) And he calls Isabelle "Izzybelle."

He makes us laugh, he makes us crazy, we love our Johnny boy!

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