Thursday, May 12, 2016

Isabelle is one year!

Our sweet girl! ONe year old! This last month has covered a lot of ground. 3 teeth sprouted up and we went on a long road trip, which you handled perfectly. We went to Disneyland and you loved all of it, music, rides, characters, food. You give kisses freely, are super chatty, love to brush your teeth, love goldfish crackers, and reading. You keep up with your brother as best you can and do it well.
You are 16.5 lbs and just shy of 30" long. You are going to be tall! Happy Birthday baby girl!!!
I'm posting this 2 weeks after your birthday and i wanted to add that you are now a full blown drama ridden toddler! When you don't get your way,  you arch your back and throw yourself down and scream. It's quite entertaining. But you also love adventure and will do anything John does. I'm so excited for you to enjoy being 1!

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