Thursday, January 17, 2008

1/2 Marathon Training, Continued

This has been an interesting week.

First of all, I am having this recurring dream of running through the airport. SERIOUSLY! The theme is usually that I’m going to Europe, meeting a friend or somebody at a connecting airport, I’m running late, and forgot my passport. So I am running back and forth between the car looking for my passport and the security line and it seems like miles and miles between the two, running with all the luggage. Strange.

So along the running theme, I am trying to test out energy gels. I figure with a run of 13 miles, I need to keep my body fueled properly. I am very into the science/technique of running (ahem, jogging) right now. I’m trying to read up on what a good diet is for runners, what to eat before and after a run, etc. The whole concept of a higher carb diet is fun and shocking since the Adkins push years ago carbs have seemed so off-limits. Not that I really diet or anything, I just usually try not to go on a carb overload.

So yesterday on my 6 mile distance run I tried the vanilla power bar gel. It was super syrupy. I don’t know if I really needed it, but I ate ½ on mile 4 and about ½ of what was left somewhere at mile 5 or so. I was pretty bored running on the treadmill. I was thinking, “geez what is the point of this??!!” I think I prefer running outside but LAX isn’t exactly an ideal area for that.

Lastly, here is the link to the web page in case anyone else wants to sign up. There is a rule of no ipods/music players, which apparently is new, and I guess not all races enforce it. I’m not sure how it’ll be happening for this race.

Oh yeah, and this week at work sucked. I tried to quit Tuesday but after getting some good food in me and a good nights rest and a resolution to not talk to the person driving me NUTS, I am starting to tolerate the project again. Wednesday I actually had to bring my regular misto drink AND a java chip frap (light) to work to nurse my attitude back to health. (That and some prayer.) 76 days until the project “go live.” Maybe in some other blog I’ll actually describe what some of these project terms mean. Booooring!


Christal said...

by the way...I am officially addicted to vanilla mistos. for the love. :) miss you tons.

Anonymous said...

Christy - your dream sounds something like our experience in JFK...thankfully no lost passports in our real life tale :)

Anonymous said...

Okay - so the last message was left by me, Laurel, but I signed in using my AIM name because I don't have a blog...sigh...I am newer at this than you are :) Laurel