Friday, January 11, 2008

Christy is new to blogging

Well hello there. Sarah was telling me I should start a blog since I'm kind of tired of myspace. Today when I was running (I always talk to myself) I started to mentally write this blog so here I am, I guess, with a blog!

I just started running - um, excuse me, JOGGING, a lot more lately and so I also figured maybe I can track some of my experiences on here in an attempt to keep up with it. I'm training for a half-marathon in Sacramento on March 16th.

So why shamrock80 for the blog name? Well, because shamrock was taken. Why Shamrock? I dunno. I didn't want my real name, and since Nathan has an amazing puppy and it took 3 days to name him and during that time I thought, "gee, I'd like to name my dog Shamrock" and it kind of stuck. SO, here I am, permanently Shamrock80 the blogger.

I suppose I could try and get some pictures up on this but since I am still a newbie and I left my camera at my dad's house, that won't be happening. At least this is a start!


Melissa said...

Wahoo! Welcome to blogging :) I see you figured out how to add me as a friend. I feel honored to be the first :) I'm still kind of a newbie, too. But overall it's easier than myspace, i think.

A 1/2 marathon in Sac? Maybe we should do it too. Steve's always looking for a reason to get in shape...

Katie Lady said...

Good for you! I guess once we move to another area, we might have to consider this an option, too. :)

Christal said...

yay for christy blogging!!