Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I just completed my 103rd expense statement. Well, technically I've done more than that with pre-PRISM trips, pre-expenses, and supplementals. But I was trying to figure out exactly how many trips I've made for this project. I guess 103 is my best guess. A few of those are definitely 2 week trips, however...I would guess probably 4-8 of them. That is a lot of weeks!

If you were to look at my expenses, you would see that like 80% of all my meals are eaten at Benihana (sushi - it is across from my Dallas hotel), PF Changs, Panera, and Starbucks. I guess I am a creature of habit.

Speaking of a trip I won't be making today...I won't be running! (I don't think.) I played Ultimate yesterday for a long time in too-small cleats. Ouch! I'm hoping to swim, if I can find a gym in the area.

I'm working from San Jose this week, from "home" actually, its very nice. Murray, pictured below, and I are hanging out. We are about to walk to 7-Eleven for some caffeine. I had a wild idea to go off of my morning coffee...stupid...so for now I'll be needing a lunchtime caffeine burst as I wean my body off.

For Labor Day, I went to a BBQ with 20's from church. It was really nice. (And played Ultimate-also nice - blisters - not nice). It was the perfect way to spend a paid work holiday (not doing real work). I also squeezed in a morning run, semi-prepping for another half-marathon with Beth. What did you do?????!!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

Um, SJ is "home" now? Where are you living?! Steve will be jealous of your ultimate play. We went to a bbq with friends from church on Saturday and played pool volleyball. Even pregnant ladies like me can play! Yesterday we had a picnic at Discovery Park. Pretty great weekend.