Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Germ Survey

Here's an extremely relevant discussion topic. (NOT)

If/when you get a starbucks drink and you pony up to the bar for extra milk, sweetener, whatever...WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE LID???

For a long time, I used to "protect" the "inside" area from germs by putting my lid on the counter like the first picture.
Then I got to thinking, that this meant putting the mouth/sippy area directly on the counter. So then I started putting the lid down like the SECOND picture, realizing that the edges of the lid that are actually touching the table, are not parts of the cup that ever touch my drink or mouth. So...this is my less-germy methodology now. And check it out..."X" coffee - DECAF in the mornings...for the sole reason of not being addicted and needing coffee on my off-work/non travel days.
Question: Have you ever thought of this? Do you just hold the lid in your hand the entire time? Does anyone else have advice out there?


Marisa said...

I TOTALLLY think about these things, and I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not alone! I stick the lid in my mouth (hold the edge between my teeth) because I can't stand the idea of setting it down on that dirty counter. :)

Jessica said...

I had thought of the fact that setting the lid upsidedoewn was picking up germs, but I had never thought of the fact that just setting the lid down right side up was the way to go. It totally makes sense that none of that area touches your mouth or the drink. Nice.

Mom said...

Simple steps to avoiding germs:
Grab a napkin, put it on the counter.
Set lid on napkin.
Add condiments to coffee (I especially like raw sugar), placing empty sugar packets on napkin as well.
Use stir stick to properly combine ingredients. Put stir stick on napkin.
Replace lid on coffee.
Slide napkin into garbage recepticle.
Now the only germs are on the bottom of your cup, unless you used a napkin there as well.

jess said...

Huh, I have to admit I've never thought about it at all. That makes me the opposite of germophobic, I guess. Michael thinks I'm gross but I blame the super immune system that keeps me from getting germ-induced illnesses while attacking my thyroid and making me feel generally crappy all the time. Oh, for a common cold!