Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystery Person

Yesterday I subbed in Sunday School for the 1-2nd grade kiddos again. Those kids CRACK ME UP. They have a weekly tradition of "Mystery Person." Each of the kids has filled out a little survey about themselves, their siblings, where they were born, favorite food, etc. All the kids stand up and as the teacher reads off facts, the kids sit down if it doesn't apply to them until only one person is left standing.
So here is how the game went on Sunday:
1) All the kids stand up (and teachers).
2) Teacher Kurt reads off the first fact, something like, "This weeks mystery person was born in California"
3) All the kids who weren't born in CA sit down.
4) Teacher Kurt reads off a second fact, "This persons' favorite thing about Sunday School is learning about God."
5) One of the darling girls standing by me says, "Oh, darn it!" and sits down, along with about a third of the other kids.
6) Teacher Christy and a second Unnamed teacher laugh nearly uncontrollably.
I couldn't decide what was funnier - the fact that 1st graders already have the "sunday school church answer" thing down, or the fact that several kids were very particular about their favorite thing about church NOT being learning about God.

Anyhow, it was fun.

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jessica said...

OMG!!!! I love that kids have this hilarious honesty in them! It is so hard not to laugh at them sometimes. Comments like that turn my whole day around. One of my little girls was talking about the building and our classroom and her friend said, "Did you know God made this room? He actually made everything and this whole building!" Making huge arm gestures and such. And then at another table two of the girls were CRACKING UP so I went over to see what was so funny. Lily says to me, "Jessica, what if God's face is blue!" She could barely get it out :)

I am so using your Sunday school game in kinderfun though. They would love it.