Monday, June 15, 2009

A shocker to us all.

I am going to be a coach at my church kids sports camp this week. I am coaching CHEER. I know. Me. Cheerleading. When I told my family I was met with looks of shock, disbelief, and stifled snickers. But the girls are only 7 (in my “huddle”) and I was promised it will be easy and cute! Would it have been easier to coach basketball? Heck yes! Will I still faithfully serve my Lord and have a great time and serve kids with cheer? Yes! So, I’m stoked about it, although already *slightly* humiliated by the camp songs and arm gestures. Once the kids are there, though, it’ll be all for them and I’ll be super into it. (I hope.) So, if you think to pray for me this week I would really appreciate it!

On another note, it is only 3 weeks til I leave for the Yucatan! I have been gathering up all things “missions trip” (Spanish bible, pepto bismol, mosquito repellant, craft supplies) over the weekend and I am really looking forward to the trip. I feel 1000 hours behind on some preparations (…sports camp this will will *really* help me feel less stressed right?) but I guess I will just have some busy weekends to come. I am looking forward to serving the village we are going to, meeting the women there, trying to use broken Spanish, and being Jesus to people.

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Tabitha said...

oh man. what I wouldn't give to see you coaching them. oh man.

p.s. how is your spanish facebooking going?

bueno? :)