Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So much cooking! Fresh pumpkin bread

Ok, so, I apologize for the string of food posts. Actually, I don't. Maybe you will try and love one of these recipes! I haven't been posting about work, because, it is too dramatic and career limiting to write about on the web. I haven't been writing about super personal stuff, because, I'd prefer to keep it that way! (Seriously - ask me and I'll tell, I just don't want the random googler to find out.) I could post about my neck, but I'll try to get a photo of me in head traction first for your amusement.

So to tide you over: Pumpkins. I learned something about pumpkins - Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins are not ideal for baking. Sugar Pie pumpkins are. I found some at P.W. Market, an upscale market, for 3x the price of regular Jack-O pumpkins, but I was determined to give this a try. Sugar Pie pumpkins are smaller and darker than their counterpart(s). You can substitute fresh pumpkin for canned (same amount) in any recipe.

Here, the inside of a sugar pie pumpkin. Much easier to deal with than the stringy mess.
All done, after about an hour in the oven at 375. (Until tender)

My "harvested" fresh pumpkin - puree (I didn't have to) and refrigerate (if using within 3 days) or freeze.

Don't forget to roast the seeds!!!

Next post...the pumpkin bread!!!!!


Mama Mote said...

There are several people posting food stuff and they are all making me hungry, but I'm finding some new recipes to try. And I enjoy reading whatever you put up just because I then know you are still alive. :) And thanks for the postcard. You are so funny...okay I asked for it. I love it. Switzerland is one place I would love to visit. Dan would, too. Your card is going on my bulletin board so I can see it and pray for you, too. I'm learning to enjoy where I am more and more. Someone had a saying, "Change is Good...Learn to Embrace It!" Although it's hard to 'embrace' LA, I'm trying to start with small hugs. And you are SO right. Friends like the Fuglers and Nugents are really hard to beat. Noonie is coming this weekend for at least a night, so that's good. We keep finding ways to get together (or at least text, email and call). But I am in a Bible Study and have made some new friends there, so that's a start. Thanks again for the postcard and I'll see you here on your blog. hugs

jessica said...

That pumpkin was so pretty! So orange and round and smooth-looking. I love pumpkins and the baked goods that come along with them. We made pumpkin bready on Pumpkin Day, but we made it from a mix (sounding so unsatisfactory right now). I will say that Williams Sanoma pumpkin butter does add to almost any pumpkin baked good. Perhaps I should find a recipe for that!