Monday, November 2, 2009

Pinesol is the best cleaner ever

I am head over heels. For Pinesol. Starting last week. Let me explain why.
Last wednesday night I got all sugard up (Chex Muddy Buddy late night binge) and begun SCRUBBING my kitchen floor. It was beyond saving with just the mop, so I purchased a scrubber brush to do the trick. I looked under the sink at our trove of random cleaners and found a bottle of lysol and a bottle of pinesol. I randomly selected the Pinesol, added it to my bucket, added warm water (zero regard for dilution factor, but, there was a good amount of water in there) and got to scrubbing.
Man oh man, did my floor look great! However, since it was late at night and I actually used up all the Pinesol, I did about 1/3rd of the floor and went to bed. The next morning, the floor still looked great! Especially side by side the unclean portion. I got back to work (on my lunch break this time) and since I ran out of pinesol I used the Lysol multi surface cleaner (note: the lime green color of this cleaner reminds me of cancer in a bottle. Just a terrible color.) I added about the same ratio of cleaner/water to my bucket and continued my attack on the kitchen floor.
Much to my dismay...the lyson did NOT even come close to the pinesol cleaning quality. So I scrubbed harder. Still not a big improvement. However, at this point, I was pretty committed to finishing the floor and in no condition to run to the store for Pinesol so I rationalized to myself that it was bad lighting (and absence of Muddy Buddies) and that I should just finish.
Well...I got the rest of the floor clean, but it is still obvious (if you look for the line) which section of the floor is nicer. I haven't had the energy yet to re-scrub with Pinesol.
Do you have any cleaning tips? Discoveries?

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jess said...

Sniff, ok. Yogurtland it is.