Monday, November 9, 2009

Lower fat pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Hey gang! I enjoyed making these delicious cookies yesterday so much that I posted the recipe and picture online at, my most-used online recipe source. I called them "lower fat" because I modified an existing recipe to replace half the butter with applesauce, half the white sugar with brown sugar, and half the flour with whole wheat flour. They were super soft and chewy and not dry at all. DELICIOUS! No one could even tell they were (slightly) healthier than the normal kind. And by cutting out some of the overall sugar content (doubling the vanilla as a replacement for flavor) they aren't as sweet as normal cookies.

YUM. Go check out the reciple!


Katie Lady said...

Sounds good to me...anything besides apples!!! another idea--replace half the sugar with a splenda/sugar baking mix you can buy in stores. I use that for my famous choco chip cookies!

jess said...

I would like to concur that they were indeed yummy. Also that boys are bad news and I am done with one particular one of them for good and I'm so fed up that I'm not even that sad about it. So there!