Monday, February 8, 2010

"Its like the Food Network in here" - Howard

My brother Nathan is bailing on the USA for the next 6 months!!! I'll really miss him! He is getting really good at making all kinds of good foods so before he left I wanted to show him how to make one of my favorites - Chicken Parmesan.

I love the kind of meal ordeal where everyone helps prepare the food. In this case, we modified our own red sauce, using onions, peppers, spices, garlic, a little jar-bought sauce and some plain tomato sauce simmered on the stove for a couple hours. YUM.

Then we breaded the chicken (tragedy of tragedies: ran out of shredded parmesan, so didn't have as much as I wanted in there), pan fried the outside, and baked the chicken.

We also made our on pasta, which was a first for Nathan but a repeat feat for me. I still can't get the noodles thin enough. Next time I'll try with less dough each time. (Note: the noodles reheated in boiling water the next day were

Overall, the meal was a big YUM!!!! Jess even brought over some delicousl bread to soak up some of the sauce. Yum yum yum. Oh and the boys made Ghiradelli brownies for dessert. Can't go wrong with those!!!

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jess said...

Hey, new layout!!! I like. I like!!

That was indeed a tasty dinner. Good company too!