Thursday, February 11, 2010

Room Redocoating This site is amazing! I was able to turn this kind of layout planning: ...Into this: !!!
Ok now for the tough part: I'm switching rooms in my house to one about 2 feet wider! Although it is in the front of the house and one wall is almost entirely window! [single paned :( ... side note, if you put a layer of bubble wrap on it, its like intant sound and temperature insulation...or so I hope the worldwideweb is correct on this!]
Can you help me pick which layout to use? I'm not a huge fan of the desk (big white square) or the bed right under the window (red square shown in example B) but I'll do what I have to do.
In picture E, I took one of the small black squares (acually a tall narrow bookshelf and layed it on its side, stacking the "brown couch" bookshelf on top of it (its designed to do that) which is why those pieces aren't shown in that layout. The tan square is my dresser. The bottom right corner is the entry door (right side) and close door (bottom side).
And, I just noticed, the 3-box black/brown "couch" (my bookshelf) is designed in all these shots as if it is laying long-ways on the ground (looks nice under the window). It can stand upright (as it is in my current room) and only take up about 1/2 the length.

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jessica said...

I like B the best....and maybe D. I'm considering rearranging my room as well. I need to paint my side table and this little dresser I have. I'm excited because I'm getting rid of one of my small dressers anf getting a tall one, so that should help with clothes storage. Plus it's prettier :)