Friday, March 19, 2010

Leftover February Pictures

These are the roses that Zach bought me for Valentine's Day. At first I was surprised by the yellow color, then he reminded me that the first flower he bought me (a gerbera daisy) was the same color! What a thoughtful guy. These roses were beautiful for DAYS (just grocery store variety!) and they opend up really big. I couldn't stop taking artsy pictures of them.
My friend Beth and I decorated sugar cookie pops for Valenties day. Mostly because I saw the idea on a blog and REALLY wanted to make sugar cookies on sticks. Next goal - find a more tasty frosting. (H.B.K. = Happy Birthday Kristie, roommate)
Beth's cookies were far more beautiful than mine, case in point:
Another rose picture. I actually just submitted this one to Capital One and it is going to be the picture on my credit card! Cool, huh?
Disappearing Chips! Why is that bowl empty? Oh yeah - because I made salsa! 1 part pureed bell pepper, 2 parts tomato, some garlic powder and salt...MMM, very fresh tasting. I love red bell pepper!

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Tabitha said...

YUMM!!!! will you please teach me how to make salsa because i LOVE chips and salsa and i've always wanted to make my own!

you're. awesome.