Monday, March 15, 2010

Not your typical Craft Tutorial

A few weeks ago, a young man who is dear to my heart was in desparate need.

Of a fireman costume.

What good auntie can resist a charmng boy in need of a fireman costume? Not this auntie.

So I purchased the birthday costume items in a nice combo pack - hat, axe, belt, etc etc. Missing: a fire coat!! Now, said boy lives in SoCal where it is HOT. So no long sleeves here. I had an idea to use a big T-shirt and make it look like a firecoat. (This idea based on the fact that the boy on the costume package was wearing a yellow shirt. Inspiring people, INSPIRING.)

So I got to work pre-washing a bright yellow tee and ribbons for decorating. Then I flew across the country to finish my work in a hotel room. This limited my crafting ability to: imported glue (brought tacky glue from home - bad idea - should have bought fabric glue) and tape.
I started by attempting cutting the middle open and then highlighting the edges of the front and sleeves with ribbon. At some point I rejected the glue option for the sleeves and called the front desk for a sewing kit. The angels brought TWO, both of which I used.
This sewing job on the sleeves was no rocket science or pretty task, as shown below. My primary goal was for the costume to last multiple washes and two boys fighting over it as they eagerly put out big, scary fires. Obviously the inside seams were not much to look at:

Then I wrote a sentimental "SLO FD" on the back as a SLO shout-out. (Seriously, who DOESN'T miss that place??!!)

I wanted to add another ribbon accent across the top and big buttons, but I ran out of time.
My smiling model doesn't seem to notice the missing parts: (notice he is so tall this is almost too small for him already!)
Good thing he has a little brother to hand it down to:


Katie Lady said...

AAAwww... Who do those adorable boys belong to?? :P What a faithful auntie you are to work on it, on both ends of the country!

Just so ya know, he eagerly showed it off to our neighbors the very next time they came over. I'm sorry to say that since then, we've lost track of many of the pieces (probly bottom of toy box), but when dressing up,it's still a favorite.

jess said...

Dude, you are, like, the best auntie EVAR!!!! Quit putting me to shame! ;)

Loni said...

I remember all the costumes you made for your brothers--you were awesome--who knows what they would have worn if it had been up to me.