Monday, December 5, 2011

Eating in the UK, part 17

In honor of my current trip in Scotland, I bring to you: Items I Could Buy At The Store, If Only I Wanted To:
Exhibit A: Port, Cheese, and Pickle pies.
 Exhibit B: Sticky Toffee Apple...Cheese
 Exhibit C: 5 Counties Cheese. In this case, this was actually my dinner. That is 5 varieties of cheese all lumped together in one block that would be a lot prettier looking if I wasn't using a cell phone camera.
 Along the same note, I'd love to try this recipe, if only I could interpret the recipe. The words are in English, but they make NO sense. Caster sugar? A punnet of rasberries?
 Lastly, if you are shopping for me for Christmas, don't forget this is on my Christmas list: Will and Kate barbie set, retailing in shops far away from you for the bargain price of 100 pounds! Converted, that's a steal of a deal at $80 per barbie! HAHAHAHAHA.


jess said...

I think caster sugar. just granulated white sugar. But I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure a punnet of raspberries is the amount you can fit in an empty Port, cheese & pickle pie plate.

Janet Kenworthy said...

Caster sugar is super fine sugar (whirl reg sugar in your food processor a little). A punnet is a pint or a small basket full.