Friday, December 9, 2011

Eggs and Noodles: Family Recipe

The meal entitled "Eggs and Noodles" is a Davenport traditional meal. Actually originally a Doscher meal, invented by Zach's grandfather, Poppi.  The original recipe included....wait for it...EGGS, and NOODLES. (And butter.) 

In our neck of the woods, we make this recipe in our usual manner: add everything from the fridge.  Here in a large skillet, we browned mushrooms, zuchinni, carrots (hey, they were already chopped up), peppers, onions, and corn. To this we added some leftover cooked bacon and a chicken strip. Then we let it wait in a bowl so we could re-use the skillet. This is probably around 3 cups of cooked veggies.
 While we were browning the veggies, we were also boiling half a bag of egg noodles. Have you ever tried taking pictures of steaming food? Not easy. So no pictures of that. After the noodles are almost done, they get drained and go into the big skillet with a hunk (2-3 tablespoons) of butter. This stage crisps the noodles, so don't be shy about giving it time, or a little more butter if you need it.
 Then we pile the veggies back in, and pour in 5 scrambled and seasoned eggs. We let the egg mixture cook onto everything.
Let me know if you like it!

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jess said...

Mushrooms in Poppi's eggs & noodles. Travesty!! I guess if you like it though... ;)