Friday, January 20, 2012

For posting to Pinterest

If you're here from Pinterest, this lady is the talented one who made this and this is her store.

I have recently discovered the time-drain that is Pinterest. I can't really say I'm "TOO" addicted (yet) since I think the searching feature is kind of lacking and I'm not too into random browsing. I still prefer to find other addicting crafting sites via "linky parties" from a few of my favorite bloggers.

But recently my sister in law (seriously crafty and talented) made us this wreath for Christmas. I texted a picture to my sister for evaluation (of how it looked on the door. I already knew it was awesome). She immediately exclaimed it was amazing and looked like it should be on Pinterest. So here I am blogging about it just so I can pin it. Wild, I know.
This craft technique is the widely popular felt flower approach. I am making some of these flowers for a ball ornament/ball thing for our mantle which will be a white version of this cute ornament (I found this site on a linky party, not Pinterest!)

Anyhow. Toodles.


jess said...

Awww, go on wit' ya!!! Thanks for the props!!! Now I'm going to go cut something with my favorite new scissors. :D

Katie Lady said...

That's so funny! I just pulled an article with a felt flower design for Christmas, that I want to make for Valentine's Day. I was going to make a color copy and send it to you to tell you to make one, too!!

Speaking of which, did you get the Woman's Day subscription I ordered for you for Christmas??

Miss you!!!!!!