Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zach and CSUN

I don't typically write much about Zach on here, so here's some fun information. Zach's a student at CSUN (pronounced locally as see-sun) in the film program.  He recently was accepted into their impacted upper division Film Production major, meaning now he is 1 of 50 students on a specific 2 year track to graduation! His classes are set, he will get critical internship experience, and we've heard great things from everyone we talk to about the program.

Zach is in a photography class this semester, one of his pre-requisites. We went to the swanky Porter Ranch area to overlook "The Valley" (San Fernando Valley) so Zach could get some pictures.

 Backup career in photography? Maybe so! (PS: The color shots are from my phone. B&W are Zach's)
 The park had a playground and a baseball diamond. Perfect spot for tee-ball and soccer.
Then, we saw a helicopter land!!!

Ok...maybe not...maybe this was one of Zach's assignments to develop 2 photos on top of each other...doesn't it look cool though???? Seriously. Tell me if its cool. I need the comments.