Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo Shoot #2: Mostly a failure, haha.

So, the first photo shoot we had with the baby was at the 1 week mark and it went swimmingly.  He slept through the whole thing and was completely pliable into whatever position we could get him into.

For this next attempt, I wanted a different background. Here he is laying on his Boppy with a couch coushin in the background.
Fail #1: cut off top of head.

Fail #2 and #3: falling over and couch coushin not properly centered.

Fail #4: Massive spit up.

Fail #5: Not-really-matching fabrics. Not centered in photo. Cute kid though.

Not quite a fail, but not "the picture" - but I love that he has almost his entire fist in his mouth! :)

Probably my favorite pic of the day.  Too bad he wasn't centered on the white blanket and I was so close....still, pretty darn good, I think!

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jess said...

That series of photos is way better than a studio perfect picture. Everybody has perfectly-posed-baby pics but a hilarious fail series is one of a kind!!!