Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick Post

We've been seeing a LOT more of this lately: This is John asleep himself for a nap. I cannot emphasize how amazing this is, and how relieved I am that this has finally happened.  He will flip himself over (or I'll just put him down on his tummy if he is really tired) and he will bunch up his sheet protector (to spit and drool all over the sheet instead…) so that he has something by his face and then…passes out. Glorious. We are starting to work on CIO during the nighttime too. Its been easier at Grandma and Grandpa's house because the pack and play is right by the bed…I can snooze while he wails (yes, I can!) in relative warmth and comfort…not sitting by his bed or pacing the cold hallways of our home.  We'll see how this progresses when we get home. I'd really like to drop the feeding that occurs somewhere between 12 and 3 soon…
 Haven't uploaded much from Christmas yet (barely took any pictures) but John got a cute outfit from his great Grandma Betty and rocked it like a cute Santa all day.  Here he is with Auntie Amy and then Grandma Loni. I didn't take these…I was napping. I got 2 naps on Christmas. Merry Christmas to me!

In other topics (still related to John) his eyelashes have really grown. I am excited about this because they were STUBBY when he was born. I was worried. But they are pretty long and thick now.  He is getting more hair back too. After 3 months of taking his sweet time getting into 3mo size clothes, I'm not sure he will be in actual 3 mo size for much longer. His torso is long (like Daddy) so he may be in 6m tops soon.  He still has tiny legs though so I think we can wear our pants a bit longer. One pieces are getting tight really fast though…too fast!!!

John got a V-Tech light up ball for Christmas and LOVES the thing. It has a bunch of light up buttons and rolls around a bit.  He is already rolling around to chase it…great…I see some baby fence purchases in our future!

It was a really fun first Christmas with John (even though he slept through most of presents with his first …da dum…2 hour daytime nap in his bed!)  I will post more pictures when I get them, including his 4 month portraits!


jess said...

So funny- I had exactly the same experience re: eyelashes. Is it a Davenport baby thing?

Emily said...

Merry Christmas to you! Family is awesome, aren't they. I'm so happy you're getting more sleep and what a big step for John! Hooray on all accounts!