Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3 months and then some

Finally! I got my pictures uploaded to picasa. My IE is so finicky!  We have a 3 month old now, so here is what we've been up to.

Enjoying our last bits of 0-3m clothing, like this Old Navy Superman outfit. I went online to get the next size up in Batman and they were sold out. Tragic. 
 Once he started staring at things intentionally, I busted out the books. (We did have a black and white thing by the changing pad and we noticed he would stare at that.)  He does seem to enjoy reading.  He initially really liked the Sassy books (still does) for their great patterns and colors. He seems to tolerate the fun Sandra Boynton books more now too (if heavy breathing is any indication) which I realized I have a bunch of from my storybook shower.  I'm greedy though, I already want more. I want them all!
 Every baby needs a bath robe, right? Or that is what I thought 4 months pregnant.  Turns out, not so practical. Good thing it was only $4. But cute, and goes up to 9mo...maybe we'll enjoy it a bit more later.
 I couldn't resist these 2 pc jammies for Christmastime. He looks so grown up! (Also, the pants are huge on him, you just can't tell. I guess we are a 3mo on top and still NB for bottoms. Oh well.)
 Seriously, how cute is this picture? This is Zach "driving" with John. John sits back and Zach makes motor noises and moves John's hands to shift. Its like his own ride at an amusement part, that type that make you puke because the seats move.  Well, obviously John LOVES it. Gales of giggles. So cute.

We travelled to Florida for Thanksgiving, which will be its own separate post. Both because I have travel experience I want to document for future reference and because John met his 83 year old great-Poppi (great grandpa) whom he is named after, and Poppi wrote a poem about it, and...I will save all that for later. For now, I have a baby that went to bed so I will be heading that direction SOON!

Stats: at 3 months - 10lb 13 oz (around 2nd percentile.) Still our tiny little guy. Big tummy, chicken legs, but he loves to stand! Grabbing at toys a lot more too. Drool city. Might become a thumb sucker, not sure yet. The end.


Emily said...

Yay for 3 months! You're out of the 4th trimester!

John is seriously so so cute. Ruby was a little runt like John too, old man legs and all.

Glad you had a good trip to Florida!

jess said...

OMG. so much cuteness. Dimples!!!!!