Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 week old baby!

After this week...I'm only going to count ages in months. (And probably half months...)  But here are some updated pics. This will be fast because someone (guess who?) is crabby in their bed when they should be sleeping (yes, sort of attempting a bit of sleep training today.)

Kiddo is rolling over and holding his head up high on the play mat! He can roll from tummy to back in either direction.  He usually has to be kind of mad about being on his tummy though.  If there are too many interesting things to look at (the play mat is suddenly fascinating, as are the patterned burp cloths) then he won't bother rolling over.

 Remember this post? The sailor hat fits a LOT better now. Its super cute. I will have to get another pic of him in the entire outfit this week before he outgrows it!
 And hair loss. Zoom in.  This is after only a few nights of sleeping.  Kind of cracks me up and makes me nervous he is going to have a giant bald spot...

This week has gone much better than last week.  We are back to nursing well after last weekend's embarrassing public meltdown, although still spitting up a lot (after he weaned himself off his nipple shield, we've had a lot more spitups and burps. I may [yuck] consider a break from dairy to look for improvement.)  I'll have a weight update at the end of the week, but I'm thinking based on his previous weight gain, he is no more than 10.5 pounds. (A friend has a 1 month old that already weighs more!)


jess said...

Fussbudget won't let me put him down. Love the hat!

Emily said...

When Maia was like 2 months old we were swaddling her like mad and one day after changing her sheets I went in to get her after a nap and she was on her stomach! She had rolled over! I couldn't believe it. She was so advanced! Well, after a few days, i realized that the crib mattress was tilted just slightly and as she cried going to sleep she would kick her legs up and inadvertently roll over. hahaha!

We have some friends whose boy spit up all the time. The doctor didn't think it was anything to worry about and he eventually grew out of it. Good luck! Hopefully you won't have to give up diary!