Friday, February 28, 2014

6 Months and Mobile!

I had grand ideas for this post. I wrote down John's 6 month milestones to talk about. That list is ALL THE WAY across the house. Will I go get it? No. Lazy.
My labor went from manageable to bad in this here gelato shop line 6 months ago! When I considered biting Zach in the shoulder, we decided it was time to go. 3 hours born!

Someone is pulling himself up on the side of the Pack and Play...

Then suddenly, if we put him in standing up, he could stay that way! (Now he can also pull himself up if he has a low enough hand hold.)

6 months old

I put him on the mat...and went to get the camera...and came back to this.

He's getting chunky!

"Hug me Mommy!"
I think these pictures pretty much sum up our now mobile (but not quite crawling) boy. He has found his voice (again) and while he is not talking as much as he was in early January, he is definitely voicing his displeasure regarding...everything.  Boy really has his whine on lately.  Cannot play very long independently before he whines to be held. And not just held. Held and walked around the house. (No sitting!) I'm not sure what is up with him - maybe just getting hungry/tired earlier than we think...still trying to work out the right time for naps and get better at sleeping through the night.  He takes 2-3 naps depending on what time he wakes up but that isn't too consistent either church and bible study throw off 2 days a week as well.

He can give kisses if he wants to...he sits up well...still loves going outside (the only satisfactory alternative to being held when whiney) and is enjoying starting on solids for the most part.

I have more pictures to share in another post when I'll catch up on whatever is missing from  my list. Then I'm also going to have a non-baby tutorial soon! :)


anna said...

Oh my gosh he is SO chunky all of a sudden. Love it! And those dimples...too much. So cute.

Emily said...

so perfect! his dimples are too much. just wait until he's 8 months old, then it starts to get really fun!