Friday, March 7, 2014


Sooo...just to tell a few stories about how fast John is growing and I remember them for the scrapbook. (Ha! I just said really!)  So bathtime is a highlight of our day. For me, because it means no whining for possibly up to 15 minutes and it gets the dried spit up out of his hair.  For John it means a variety of activities, starting with:

1. Eat bathroom mat tag while Mom fills the bath. Then stand at bathtub edge putting mouth on nasty shower door railing and screeching about getting in.
2. Short bath trying to chase ducks. (They are hard to catch in water!)
3. Roll over in bath - end of bath. Mom empties bath.
4. Play in bath longer, practicing crawling. Give Mom heart attack about risks of cracking head on the bathtub.
5. Get removed from bath and extreme squirming in towel.
6. (my favorite part) - stand up from getting dried and see self in mirror. Flash huge dimple smiles and become very excited.
7 (new development) QUICKLY become tired of self in mirror and throw body towards sink to "wash hands." (I am sad about this one. I taught him the hand washing and now he totally wants to do that instead of looking in the mirror! Only in the main bathroom though.  Its like he doesn't realize the other bathroom also has a sink - so he likes mirror time in there.)

That is pretty much the end - cue extreme squirminess on the changing table, PJ's, nursing, and bedime.

You're welcome son, for not posting the picture of your front instead.
And even since the "hand washing" development, Zach taught John about light switches today. So now he also lunges towards every switch he notices when we walk by them. Which is a lot because he wants to be walked around all the time, or else he whines constantly. 
Luckily walks are still an acceptable substitute, here he is rocking his shades! His other pair of sunglasses are tight on his eyes so he just keeps his eyes closed and rips them off. These he will leave on - if I correct him enough times initially AND if its bright out -- but he will keep reaching up just to touch the lens as if he is thinking, "Are they still there? Yep. Ok." Super cute.

Here's an image from the baby monitor - we have increased crib play lately. A few months ago putting him down before he was super tired would yield only screaming. Now we may get some arguing (and who am I kidding - sometimes screaming) but also sometimes he just plays and explores the crib before conking out. Sweet!

And here he is in his plastic wagon. We push/pull him around the house in this.  He doesn't smile like that for the rides, though. He is VERY serious and holds on for dear life. (Zach once lifted his body to simulate a crash and John carried the wagon with him!) But after he is done emptying his wagon of toys, he tolerates as much wagon riding as we can tolerate (Hello, broken back) and it prevents The Whining.  So basically he always has to be in motion to be happy.  I guess it burns the ice cream off that Zach and I consume nightly after bedtime!

Anyhow, that sums up our typical day (in reverse order, I suppose!). We are looking for care options when I go back to work full time and it is SCARY! Drop my baby off at a facility and walk away? Or pay double to have him at home.  Eek.  Well, pray for us, we are praying too!


jess said...

How about we move down there and I'll watch him for the daycare price? :) Built in playmate!

Emily said...

Love the stories! I remember I took baths with Maia until she was probably 9 months old. Can't believe I did that!

I know how you feel about childcare. It's such a hard thing. Have you considered any of the college students you guys know? We've had wonderful luck with some of the college kids we use. Good luck and go with your gut.