Monday, March 31, 2014

Ribbon Pull Through Box (semi-tutorial)

A couple of weekends ago, before the Quiet Book Mayhem, I really needed to make something. And with a teething, whiny was a bonus if it also amused my child.  I was fresh off of a fun consignment sale where I bought him a few new toys in the $2-4 range.  He is mildly interested in some and others he hasn't really given the time of day.  (I think he will still grow into a few of them.)

So I googled "baby toys" and found a few ribbon pull through boxes. Essentially a baby (better for toddler age) pulls on a ribbon which passes through the box, making the end of the ribbon on the other side shorter. Apparently this is Amusing.  Well, I found an empty tissue box, haphazardly slapped on a few Batman stickers (I really could have done better with that, but I wanted to see if he would even like it) and stabbed some holes in the box. Then I covered it with packing tape except for the tissue dispenser part so he could reach his hand in there.  And I crashed my ribbon stash and wove them through the box in all sorts of directions.  On a couple of the thinner ribbons I tied a large button. Chewing the buttons has turned out to be his favorite part. Plus laughing at me when I make loud noises into the box that sound funny.

 Here he is trying to decide what to do about the box:
 He decided he likes it!  (Sort of.  Attention span of 30 seconds. Hopefully this will improve.)
 He would much rather play with his favorite toy, mini altoid tins.  He likes these so much we bought a few and glued them shut (some mints still inside.) It makes a great noise and is the perfect size for his hand.  It also slips out of his hand a lot and slides around which he chases!  I sure hope those tins are non-toxic because he loves them!!!!!!

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Emily said...

such a crafty mama!