Monday, April 7, 2014

7 months has already passed us by!

Well, the 7 month mark is nearly half past by the time I got around to posting these.  Someone was insistent on crawling around during his 7 month official picture so I'll have to post that later.

As I've mentioned on Instagram, "Wagon Rides" (and any form of movement) are a big hit in this house.
 And one more because he still looks like my little baby boy here:
 Then a few minutes later getting horsey bounces on my much?
 He may whine a lot but when he is happy (or tired) he laughs really hard!!!
 Here is is pretty proud of his Pinterest Fail shamrock footprint art. In his Pinterest Onesie! (Shower gift/craft.)
 Chub Chub Chub
 Favorite hangout spot - fine by me!
 Exploring the backyard...
 Why is that shelf empty? Because who is that standing up there??  John is in the phase where he stands up at everything but can't sit down and just turns to move to the next thing and -- crash. I've caught him most of the time...
What else is up this month? Well, he loves the Twinkle Twinkle song (sung by me or the iPad - instant calming), yogurt, back scratches, being tickled, bath time, and still loves being outside (2nd instant calming technique!)  He also really likes his babysitters (as long as I don't interrupt a lot) which is a great blessing!  He recognizes the baby sign for "milk" and sometimes "all done" but hasn't repeated them yet.  He is usually pretty quiet still so I am trying to get him to babble more. He uses his left hand a LOT - like equally or more than his right. Will he be a lefty like his Daddy???  Time will tell!  This is a fun age - but definitely a handful!

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anna said...

Jack uses his left too! I hand food to his right hand and he takes the time to switch it to his left and then eat it. Funny stuff! So...we will see eh? Those dimples are unbelievable! You could lose something in there! SO cute!