Monday, April 14, 2014

Then and Now

I can't believe how fast this little guy is growing. I was scrolling through my instagram feed and seeing our sleep training chronicles (evidenced via many pictures of an awake boy) and realizing how long ago that was.  We don't have a total schedule going, but we have perhaps 4 different possibly day schedules that seem to shake out depending on wake time and length of first nap.  

So here are little baby fingers within the first month.
 Here are chubby 7 month fingers dirty from crawling in the backyard.
 One month old, chilling on his play mat.
 7 months old, can't keep him on the play mat! And chubby legs for days!
 Case in point - Popeye escapes the blanket.
 We're trying out some cup training. What better place than the bathtub? With clean water of course.
 Happy bathtime boy!  Zach usually gives the bath and usually climbs in. John wants to stand in the tub all.the.time. so this seems to be the best way to keep him safe for now.


anna said...

The standing in the tub drives me NUTS! It's one of the few things that have brought out the "stern mommy voice" haha. And believe it or not...after me saying "Jack SIT.DOWN" literally 20 x's and sitting him back down he actually listens to me. Blows my mind! Once in a while he'll forget and start to stand...and I say... "Jack, si..." and HE SITS before I finish! I think that started happening around 8-9 can bust out your mommy voice then. :)

Christal Alderton said...

Oh those dimples!