Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How our photo shoots go

Yesterday John was wearing a cute coordinating outfit. (Love hand me downs!) So this of course requires a good picture, right? (Future additional kids: sorry there won't be any of these of you.) So here is how our photo shoots usually go down. My general thought process is in the captions.
Look tired much? 7am is too early for you? Also - background: horrific.

Grab closes blanket and drape over couch. reposition squirmy baby. Again. And Again. Chair is still showing.

Open the blinds and get the kid to sit. Blanket still looks horrible.

But if you crop a lot, you can get an OK picture.

Still not the best. Wipe off drool and snot. Then I put pillows on the couch so the back blanket would go higher.  Since there were pool noodles right there (planned baby proofing tools) I also sat him on top of those for a little height.

Final product! Still a little bunchy but with enough high pitched random noises we can get a big smile.

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