Sunday, January 11, 2015

Better late than never (?)

Well, I can probably say I've lost all readership except people who might still have this on their automatic feed.  I have had many, many moments of thoughts and funny stories I've wanted to share here, but when I sit down to write them, I can't remember a thing. Zach also worked long hours AND had the computer with him...usually I blog (as I am now) on the laptop while he isn't home because otherwise we are watching TV or I'm beating him at Triominoes. (Ok...he wins often also.)  

I also have not been in a good enough mood to write happy things.  There.  Things are good for us, very blessed, but overall the last several months have been a challenge.  John is so fun though, he truly makes my day. And Zach is a wonderful mate who takes great care of me and doesn't mind when he has to make dinner almost every night. I am truly blessed.

So I better document some memories or this kiddo of ours will never have a scrapbook because there is nothing recorded. (I did have a special baby tracker for 12 months...long over...I'm sure "there's an app for that" and maybe I should consider getting that!!!)

Halloween 2014. We kept John out past bedtime and trick or treated with friends. It was so fun! His original costume was a dragon, but he kept tripping on it, so he had his Batman shirt on underneath.  Later it got cold and he wore his Lion jacket. So yeah, 3 costumes in 1 night. He loved walking up to the houses and grabbing candies from the bowls. Since he does baby signs (soooo many more than my last post!) he would say "thank you" which looks like blowing a kiss.  He had many adoring fans blowing kisses back and one woman who let him in her house to see her (gated) dogs.  John and his pal rode in the wagon to keep up with the big kids.  Mostly they just traded candy from their bags back and forth. 

John has 2 of these push toys and very much enjoys pushing them around the house.  He also really likes building with his Mega Blocks (just recently he can use most of the pieces and not just the singles) and still likes playing with his play kitchen and anything that will make noise.  We got some wooden ABC blocks he likes to dump on his head.  I'd say his favorite thing to do though is reading. I love this. :)

I love this picture of the two of us. He's riding on my back in my favorite carrier, Beco Gemini. I had wanted one for our next kiddo then found one 1/3 price at a consignment sale. Score! I had put up my hood for warmth but he thought I was playing peek a boo and kept pulling it down and laughing at me.  Crazy kid.

Here's some reading...

And we finally had a weekend with good weather so this guy got to explore his backyard again. He spent a huge amount of last summer playing outside and still loves it, but doesn't get out there as much since he goes to daycare during the day.  And if we play outside in the evening, it is usually in the front where he demands that the garage door go up and down, up and down, up and down, much to his never ending delight.

John is an accomplished runner and weighs in at 21.2 pounds.  He wears 12 month size still, except when I run out of clothes (or lose his jacket) then he rocks a baggy 18 month look.  He loves cheese and milk.  He loves to get a chance to watch TV but his shows and opportunities are limited...mostly to when there is only one parent available and that parent needs to cook. :)  Or if he is super grumpy.  Because these Parents are Tired.  Tired!!!

So if you scrolled down this far, I'm just going to say'll get far more updates on Instagram.  Even more than facebook.  Look for me at cmdaven and request an add!

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anna said...

Awe! Sweet boy! And can I say just how jealous of you that you scored a Beco?!? I want one for sure. :) Glad you blogged!